HYPE isn’t a person’s name, or an agency’s name; neither is it anything all too important in itself. We are a team where 1+1=3. We all have different expertise and talents by which we contribute to the vibrant and varied ideas in our projects, yet we try to give common sense priority and put aside our ego in favour of the big picture and our client’s success.

Violina Zhelyazkova

Executive Director

The person living with HYPE in the veins. A sense of successful news and the big picture make her a true leader for our team.

Sense of news 99
Project management 89
Diplomacy 60
Legible writing 3

Ekaterina Stefanova

Art Director

The experienced eye, the girl who makes sure that everything that comes out of HYPE standard for aesthetics.

Photography 99
Visual literacy 100
Empathy 80
Tolerance to hackneyed projects 5

Nikolay Mirev

Digital Marketing Specialist

The guy behind PAN Digital - the digital guru, SEO Specialist, who is entrusted with the success of our customers on the Internet.

SEO 99
Google&Facebook Ads 89
QUIZ winner 78
Patience 9

Denitsa Ivanova

Event Manager

Denitsa is the person who can turn your business event into a sensation. Class, meticulousness and intellect. Just Denny!

Perfect Events 99
Impossible Is Nothing Vibe 89
Communicativeness 90
Writing boring tables 5

Siyana Nacheva


Siana is the necessary dose of eccentricity, without which ... let's face it ... our campaigns would be much more boring.

Creativity 98
Responsability 89
TikTok 100
Sarcasm Management 3

Rumyana Petrova

Social Impact Campaigner

Rumi is where the great causes meet the world of public mobilization. Changing the world with your work - it's 9 to 17 job for her and it's worth it.

Activism 100
Project Management 87
Campaign Lead 90
Extroversion 7


48A Seliolu str., 9000, Varna, Bulgaria
Phone: 0898 62 63 73