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Events aren’t what they used to be. When we stepped in the field, some food, good wine and a saxophone were enough to make guests feel as part of a Dallas scene. Enter the digital world, and now they have seen more, so it’s difficult to get their free time and impress them. We aren’t interested in traditional events – our clients aren’t interested in such, either. Events are one of the underestimated public communication tools, but we believe they are among its most efficient ones. Experience is very important for the public attitudes towards a given product or service, and that is what special events offer. Two things are of utmost importance for those – a clear idea why we do it and practical experience. Having a clear idea of the purpose will keep you from gathering people who will get bored and regret they sacrificed some of their time for your campaign. Our practical experience will help you save money and avoid clichés or organisational mistakes that pose a threat to any event. Who sits where, what about the vegetarians, how much food and drinks are necessary, how to achieve your purpose by means of the scenario, how to measure the event’s efficiency – all that will be our concern. It is also our concern to offer you anything people haven’t seen before, or, at least, that they haven’t seen live.

  •  Event conceptualisation
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Selection and coordination of contractors (catering, lighting, sound, etc.)
  • Complete realisation: from the concept to its implementation Outcome analysis


48A Seliolu str., 9000, Varna, Bulgaria
Phone: 0898 62 63 73