We tried to summarise the services we offer in several categories. If, however, you can’t find what you need, and you believe it’s within our abilities and part of our talents – don’t hesitate to contact us. Any public communications-related activity is on our portfolio or that of some trusted partners of ours.

Social Impact Campaigns

We believe that every cause needs public support to achieve its goals. We are among the few specialists in the country in the design, planning and implementation of campaigns of social impact campaigns.

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Public Relations

We use the entire PR arsenal and combine it with our expertise in other areas of the communications range to reach your target audience – potential or loyal customers, institutions, media or your own employees.

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Events are one of the underestimated public communication tools, but we believe they are among its most efficient ones. Experience is very important for the public attitudes towards a given product or service, and that is what special events offer. Two things are of utmost importance for those – a clear idea why we do it and practical experience.

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Social Networks

Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are not just the new display windows of businesses, but they are also the new communities where your business will communicate with its audiences – customers, media, employees. They are the place where you can manage your reputation and win hearts and sympathies over.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has several advantages – it’s still relatively cheap, a particular target group is easy to reach, and results are easy to measure. The bad news is that you are not the only ones to know that! Most of your competitors are already on the Internet – some are more successful than others, and when you start working for your business online, you are already somewhat late.

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