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Public Relations

Its title being a debatable translation in Bulgarian, this activity aims at establishing a relationship not as much with the “community” but with the “audience” that is important for the information. Not everyone on this planet cares for our news, and that is perfectly fine. We would like to reach those who are important for your business.  We use the entire PR arsenal and combine it with our expertise in other areas of the communications range to reach your target audience – potential or loyal customers, institutions, media or your own employees. We are professional PRs. We don’t have journalistic background – we work on the borderline between business interests and supporting the media so that they do their job professionally. We aren’t too much into either of these two aspects. PR is a job on its own, and a rich media contact list isn’t everything. Our services in this area include:

  • PR strategy
  • PR planning
  •  Crisis PR
  • Press conference organising
  • Press release writing
  • Media relations
  • Press monitoring and press clipping


48A Seliolu str., 9000, Varna, Bulgaria
Phone: 0898 62 63 73