Air For The Children

29 November 2021

Partner: Purpose Climate Lab

Parents in general, but mothers in particular, are a crucial audience that must be mobilized in the fight for clean air. A growing concern for Bulgarians is the increase in reproductive problems and overall health care, which suggests that pregnant women and mothers are a natural audience for contact and mobilization. In addition, due to the negative population growth and the declining Bulgarian population, children are consider as a national treasure. Historically, mothers led the first protest against air pollution in Bulgaria.

Objectives of the campaign:

The campaign aims to mobilisе parents, local communities, medical communities and influencers around the health risks which air pollution exposes to the youngest, as well as long-term and short-term prevention under the campaign brand “Air for our children” in order to increase the pressure to the decision makers from bottom-up towards fast and effective measures on air quality. The vision of this campaign is to:

  • Accelerate the dissemination of health-related air quality messages among influential audiences so that air-quality becomes a key health risk in the minds of the Bulgarian population. 
  • Position air pollution as a significant, systemic and preventable health issue in front of the public, politicians and the government via the bottom-up pressure coming from the most economically and strategically important audience for the country – the parents.


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