Round Table: Challenges and opportunities for construction of small photovoltaic plants

29 November 2021

Client: Purpose Climate Lab

The photovoltaic industry has faced enormous challenges in the last few years, but it is also on the brink of enormous opportunities. The mission of the Bulgarian Solar Association is to make every effort to establish solar energy as a leading source of renewable energy in Bulgaria. They promote the development and application of photovoltaic energy through the exchange of information, the removal of market and administrative barriers, the strengthening of industry and the education of the public on the benefits of solar energy. During this process, BAS plays the role of an information portal for industry professionals, politicians, media and the general public, inspiring thousands of people to support and embrace the development of solar technology. The result is less energy imports, less use of fossil fuels, more “green” jobs, lower emissions – a new economy in favor of Bulgaria and the global environment.

Campaign objectives:

Mobilize direct stakeholders, including individual consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises, in advocating for deregulation and stimulation of solar energy projects. Achieve this through PR and media campaigns, digital content and mobilization of the sector and citizens.

  • Business / user groups engaged through successful examples of solar projects
  • Creating vivid  advocacy movement for solar energy among consumers.


 The event led to an open letter from BAS to the national institutions, which identified key needs, such as:

– Legislative changes providing stimulation of investments in solar technologies;

– Targeted and adequate efforts to remove administrative barriers;

– Improving the activity of the municipalities for their investments in solar installations of municipal buildings, incl. through public-private partnerships;

– Support from financial institutions to provide good conditions for financing investments in solar technologies, especially for citizens;

– Integration of solar installations in the renovation of each building;

– Raising citizens’ awareness of the role of renewable energy in environmental protection, including improving air quality and by promoting good examples and practices through the active participation of the media in Bulgaria.


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